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Fast shipping within 48 Hours


Oriental, floral or fresh spice—body oils are available in numerous categories. Some are purely natural, some aimed to fix certain hair or skin condition, and some are made for giving relaxation and natural glow to your body. Whatever the category or the brand, for the first quality copies of body oils of premium brands there is only one destination in Dubai, UAE: Al Bait Al Dimashqi, the ultimate destination of copied perfumes and associated products.

Over the years, the quality and efficacy of oils have improved substantially thanks to technological development as well as new researches and discoveries on plants and other ingredients. The introduction of purely organic products like Shea Butter and oil is the best example of this trend. For centuries, Shea butter has been a staple in the body care of African people. With the expansion of mass media to almost every household across the globe, the butter and oil made out of Shea have become a craze everywhere, and it’s no different in the UAE either.

We welcome you to an enchanting world of oil that can smoothen, moisturize and pamper your body with unique fragrances. The freshness and luxurious experience of global brands of body oils are awaiting you in our store. Go through our website and place the order for your favorite one. Within hours the item, which has been eluding you due to its high cost, reaches you in a perfectly packaged condition. Our products are copies of preeminent brands, but they can give the exact results they provide. At the end of the day, what matters is only results.

Discover the great impact our oils can do to your body and mind. Check out today’s Al Bait Al Dimashqi website to find our astounding range of copied body oils in the best price available in Dubai, UAE.